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Meet the Dream Team


Ryan Lafrange

Born and raised in Ottawa, Ryan grew up with an appetite for everything entrepreneurial. His first business was created at 10 years old shoveling driveways and cutting lawns in Elmvale Acres, the neighborhood he grew up in. Ryan was introduced to Real Estate in his teens by his late father Patrick, a well-respected lawyer who practiced Real Estate Law and also invested in multiple properties over the years.

After attending Carleton University, Ryan worked in the hospitality industry and then the banking industry but realized very quickly that a 9-5 office job was not for him, so he became a licensed Realtor and never looked back. Over the years, he has worked with many clients from first time home buyer’s to seasoned investors. He prides himself on being a student of the game and one of the hardest workers in the business. He believes the most important core value of his business is INTEGRITY, period! Something you can’t put a price on.

Playing competitive hockey and lacrosse his entire life, Ryan learned that both teamwork and fitness were important pieces to a successful life. In his spare time, you can definitely find him working out at the Lansdowne Goodlife or sipping on a triple espresso at a local coffee shop in the Glebe.

Ask him about his beautiful daughter Ava and watch his face light up! She’s the reason he works so hard in Real Estate!

Christo Bilukidi

Raised in Ottawa, Christo attended St-Patrick’s High School and excelled in multiple sports. He was awarded a football scholarship at Georgia State University, where he stood out athletically by becoming the team captain in his senior year, and academically by graduating university with honors.


After a successful college football career, Christo was drafted 189th pick in the NFL by the Oakland Raiders. It was during his professional playing career when Christo made his first real estate investment in Ottawa by purchasing a multi-residential building. He started to understand the concept of leveraging real estate, which led him to acquire more investment properties. The combination of hard work, persistence, and perseverance that he gained from playing football at a high level, along with real estate investing experience and education, has resulted in the perfect transition for Christo to become a Realtor.

After playing 5 seasons in the National Football League, he came back to his hometown and became the Ottawa Community Housing Ambassador, with whom he was able to establish a scholarship in his name. The Christo Bilukidi scholarship helps at-risk youth by providing them with resources needed to develop their full potential as a student-athlete. Christo is also an OCH ambassador where he was awarded the Mayor City Builder Award which was presented by his worship, Mayor Jim Watson. Christo's goal is to open a real estate program that will teach at-risk youth in low-income housing how to purchase properties and become financially literate.

In his pastime, Christo plays league sports such as touch football and soccer, along with Greco training to stay physically and mentally sharp. He believes that if he takes care of his health, he’ll be able to take care of his clients.

Christoper Avalos

Born and raised in Ottawa, Christopher can honestly call the greater Ottawa region, his backyard. 


Graduating from St. Pats high school at an earlier age than most, Chris then went on to study at Carleton University, graduating with a degree in English. Schooling was always a key focus in Christopher's life, but it was the connections with people along the way that really left lasting impressions. This is when he realized that working with people and helping them through sales was his true calling.


Having been given the opportunity to manage an Electronic store at the age of 20, Christopher knew early on that sales was what he wanted to do. He has proceeded to deliver exceptional results for his clients and companies throughout the Ottawa area. It was once he entered the world of real estate that he truly found his passion. 


Arian Marius

Born and raised in Ottawa, Arian’s drive and appetite for success helped him hit the ground running in his first year in Real Estate. Bringing experience and expertise to the table, in his first year alone, Arian has been able to help over 25 families and investors buy and sell in the Nation’s Capital.  

Arian found his footing in the industry as an investor in 2017. He quickly discovered that real estate ownership is one of the highest yielding investments one can make and learned that leveraged correctly, it can be used as a vehicle to achieve financial freedom. Graduating from St. Patrick’s High School in 2013 and went on with a scholarship to attend Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business. 


After university, Arian spent some time in the fitness industry. Here he learned the importance of health and discipline and picked up the lifelong habit of using exercise to deter day-to-day stresses. During this time he leveraged his income to purchase his first home and furthermore finance his second property which consisted of a duplex to triplex conversion project.

Quickly outgrowing his role, Arian went on to spend some time at Scotiabank as a Financial Advisor before completing his real estate license and diving into the field that drew his fascination.


Although education was always an emphasis, it was the real-life connections and years of sales and customer service experience that left an impression on those who know him and prepared him to excel in a highly competitive field. With an appetite to continuously learn and a belief that you can do whatever you set your mind to Arian is set to break barriers. Not to mention mentorship from the highest performing agents in the city. 


Watch out.


You will NOT find a Realtor more passionate about their client’s success.

Jhannell Edwards

Jhannell Edwards has raving fans and an impeccable reputation as an advocate, partner, and confidant. "If I were putting together a dream team of superstars, Jhannell would be my first call!" -Jake Leskie-Willis, Juno Award Winner.

As an Ottawa native and a seasoned real estate professional, Jhannell recognizes and values the trust that her clients place in her as she strives every day to exceed their expectations. She has had the pleasure of helping first-time home buyers through to seasoned investors with their real estate needs.

Jhannell Edwards has been passionate about real estate since her earliest years growing up in Ottawa. She always knew that she wanted to chart a path helping others and found her true calling in real estate. Keenly aware of the nuances that make for a sophisticated real estate experience, she spares no expense to make that a reality for each client.

Prior to real estate, Jhannell spent years producing large-scale corporate social events including the 100th CFL Grey Cup Gala, The Winter Olympics gala in Calgary,  TIFF events, and private weddings. Navigating high-stakes situations honed her skills as a negotiator, problem-solver, and client advocate, which translated nicely into the world of real estate.

Outside of Real Estate, Jhannell is a mom to a vibrant daughter, loves the gym and NBA basketball, outdoor concerts and traveling.


Robbie Mansour

Robbie grew up understanding the value of hard work. At the age of nineteen, he started an eco-friendly painting company which painted houses before listing.


Early on in his entrepreneurial journey some realtors saw potential in Robbie and started working with him. After working with realtors for years he developed an ambition to become a licensed realtor someday. Since then Robbie developed his painting and design business to make sure that homes look new for people moving in or out. Since painting is seasonal, during the harsh winter months he travelled to different parts of the globe which taught him about city layouts and introduced him to many different types of beautiful properties in the world, knowledge which would later help him in real estate.


Eventually, he decided that he was finally ready to take on the challenge of getting a realtor’s license – to make his dream of helping people find their dream homes come true.

Ron Gusinjac

With a fresh and unique approach to real estate, Ron is incorporating 21st-century digital marketing strategies, used by fortune 500 companies, to enhance the real estate experience for his buyers and sellers alike. He’s a social media marketing guru, constantly showing up where buyers and sellers are, educating them with his amazing video content.


“The market is forever changing and I want to make sure that I am ahead of the change, always evolving, using cutting edge techniques, and constantly being a student of my craft.” Ron works with sellers, buyers, and investors and is known for his quality service and stellar reputation, ensuring great experiences for every client he represents. For sellers, Ron spends thousands of marketing dollars to showcase his clients’ homes properly.


“I don’t just put your home on the MLS and hope that it sells…I can create the sale through my own digital marketing!” With professional photographers, stagers, videographers, virtual tours, single property websites, and intricate advertising techniques, Ron prides himself at getting his sellers top dollar for their homes, usually resulting in less time on the market than his competition. Ron’s hunger for success bleeds into his work, and his client attest to it, his honest and open line of communication and 24/7 availability make him really stand out from other realtors.


Jean Beugre

Ottawa is a great and vibrant city with tremendous real estate opportunities. Whether you are a first time buyer, a seasoned investor or simply looking to sell your property, Jean- Leandres sole objective is to help you reach your real estate goals. Coming from an athletic background, Jean-Leandres’ has competed at both the collegiate and University level as a varsity basketball athlete.


This in turn, rooted the importance of hard work, perseverance as well as working as a team to reach a common goal. With a business marketing background, Jean-Leandres is able to utilise innovative and adaptable marketing strategies that can cater to any and everyone.


Jean-Leandres worked in the event marketing world for years, honing his customer service skills while representing major brands across Canada. His passion for the sport as well as his niche in marketing has transcended into the real estate world.

Purchasing his first investment property was a life changing event which invigorated Jean- Leandres with excitement and purpose. He became obsessed with the idea of helping others navigate through what can be an intimidating process. Jean-Leandres is looking forward to helping you attain your real estate dreams while making the transaction seamless!

Anyse Marsh

Based in Ottawa, Anyse integrates her passion for real estate, and unyielding drive to accomplish her goals. She stands out with her tenacity to serve others, and ensure that real estate buyers and sellers have a unique and fulfilling experience as they buy their dream houses and build wealth. While she has ample experience in serving her community.


She leverages her great analytical skills and pursuit of excellence, and she strives to go above and beyond to help buyers find ideal homes and help her clients earn top dollar for their homes. Her competency lies in her diverse experience, including a Diploma in Business Administration at College Boreal, and a Real Estate course at Humber College.


She is also reputable for her great work ethic, and optimism, and make her meets and exceeds her client’s expectations. Besides work, she devotes her time to her family and hobbies. Which includes a love for cooking, yoga, fitness, and travelling.

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